What is in a name? Does your name define you or predict who you become?

Some ancient Ghanaian tribes believed that a child took on the characteristics of the person they were named after or the attributes of the meaning of the name. They believed that if the person a child was named after was a great person that child would also be great.

In Ghanaian culture the names of children were chosen by their grandparents because they knew the history and reputation of the people with a particular name.

The only name parents may choose is the baptismal or Christian name but that is sometimes also chosen by the grandparents. However the child’s first or middle name depends on the week day he/she is born. Therefore, some Ghanaians have several names.

This tradition has carried on till this day but some parents are breaking from tradition and choosing names for their children themselves.

Why are names so important?

I think every time a child responds to his/ her name he/ she is substantiating the meaning of the name in their own lives.

When I had to choose a name for my company I had a short list of a few names such as:

  • Adjepong Publishing
  • Hannah Books
  • Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong Publishing Company

I had to consult with family and friends but unlike naming a baby they left the choice of the name to me.

One friend suggested that I chose a name that represented not only publishing but the very essence of my personality and everything else I do such as storytelling, workshops speaking and supporting people in my community.

That seemed like a tall order, then she said;
“You always inspire people and I feel blessed every time I hear you speak.”
I felt humbled by what she said and decided to make that my aim. To inspire and bless.

Not long after that my husband and I visited The Eden project in Cornwall. We were walking down a path way when a small flower caught my attention. I love flowers, so I stopped to take a good look at it. For me it represented a clear blue sky in glorious sunshine. It was so close to the ground that it was easy to walk past without noticing it. Yet this is a flower that I feel captures what I do. I took a picture of it and sent it to my daughter to design a logo for my business.

By staying humble and close to the ground I will be able to support people. I also feel that those I support should experience the warmth of positive words like sunshine in their hearts no matter how woeful their situations might be.

Like the blue Royal Ensign Convolvulus, not everybody may notice me, so it is okay for them to just walk by; but those who for some reason stop and ask for help, my hope is that like the flower I will inspire and bless them.

This is the story behind Inspire & BLESS and the logo.

Some graphic designers have suggested that my business logo needs changing for it to stand out. I always smile because I know that in life you do not have to be a sunflower to be noticed.